On National Participation

La Biennale di Venezia recognizes only one exhibition for each participating country. Thus, the formal invitation to participate is coursed through the highest concerned government agency of a country, which in turn initiates a distinct process of selecting and realizing a proposal for the country pavilion. The exhibition that officially represents a country will be recognized in all the materials produced by La Biennale di Venezia, particularly its catalogue, as the only participation of the country. 

Selection process

A preliminary jury shortlists proposals from among the submissions. A meeting with the proponents of the shortlisted proposals can be held if necessary. 

A final panel of jurors convenes to deliberate on the final proposals submitted by the shortlisted proponents. The final jury panel selects one curatorial proposal that will represent the Philippines at the Venice Biennale (Art or Architecture).

The exhibition 

The selected curatorial proposal is realized in the Philippine Pavilion (located at the Arsenale in Venice since 2017), with the support of all the cooperating agencies through the Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale (PAVB) Coordinating Committee.

The Philippine pavilion is open to the public during the dates set by the Venice Biennale which usually runs from the month of May to November.

Curatorial responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the nominated curator(s) are: 

  • to set the curatorial direction of the exhibition;
  • to manage the realization of the proposal from the preparatory phase to the mounting of the exhibition in Venice;
  • to work on the content of all the materials for the exhibition (notes, wall texts, catalogue, brochure, other printed materials).

Also, as the official representative of the Philippines, the curator(s) is/are to be present at all meetings, events and other activities related to the Art or Architecture Biennale.